Heart Health Roadshow!

Heart Health Roadshow!

Almost 200 people are diagnosed with heart failure every week. Preventing the on-set of heart failure or early diagnosis can make a huge difference to outcomes and quality of life.

Would you like to know how to keep your heart healthy?

Are you interested in maintaining your heart health and that of your colleagues and peers?

If so, ring The Heartbeat Trust on 01-2845735 and ask for Olive, or email hearthealthroadshow@heartbeat-trust.org

We can provide:

  • An Expert team
  • Personalised risk assessment for each employee
  • A customised action plan for maintaining heart health
  • Meetings on-site, at a time convenient to your employee and to your company

Personalised Heart Health Screening will:

  • Enhance employee morale
  • Help reduce employee absenteeism
  • Support your employee retention strategy
  • Support succession planning
  • Support your Corporate Social Responsibility ethos
  • Potentially be life-changing for employees and their families

Help The Heartbeat Trust and its STOP HF Programme change people’s lives now

Visit our websites www.stophf.ie  and www.heartbeat-trust.ie



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